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For the new year, the MOB team has decided to spoil you and offer you new products that meet your expectations! 

  • The New Billys: Bursts of Color and Animal Patterns

Like every year, MOB has developed a new Billy range to satisfy all these favorite little customers. This time, we offer you three new patterns in flashy colors and animal motifs: The Leopard to make your children roar with happiness, the Mermaid to swim between fairy tales, and the Zebra for a colorful striped theme in your favorite room. 

  • The New Groovy Micro: The freedom to sing is yours! 

The Groovy Micro, our favorite little new thing. It is the perfect ally for those who love to sing. It allows children (and also adults) to stream their favorite music from any compatible device. You will be able to sing, to forget your sorrows, to rock a child or to say, I love you...

  • The New Dancing: Children's favorite animals

Dancings speakers, the brand's first best-seller. The family is growing again for even more fun: this year we're making room for the Sloth and the Tiger. These speakers bring a touch of originality to any child's bedroom. But what makes these speakers truly special is their ability to dance to the beat of the music. Children can now enjoy their favorite songs while watching their favorite animals move around.

So you are more Pregnant Dancing, Alarm Clock Billy or Groovy Micro? In any case, head to our website to shop yours! 

PS: we'll show you more soon so stay tuned! 

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