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Created in 2014, the Mobility on Board brand aims to make high-tech products more fun and creative. MOB offers a wide range of portable products such as speakers, power banks, cables and alarm clocks. Its expertise in new technologies and trends has positioned MOB as a strong player in the Tech and Lifestyle market. The products are imagined and designed from the offices in Boulogne Billancourt, and distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.

Design, materials and creativity are the watchwords for designing the latest new products! Our dynamism and our high standards contribute to making MOB a unique and constantly evolving brand.

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Equipped with powerful sound and a more than original design, the Dancing animal speaker comes alive to the sound of music to the delight of children and adults. Unicorn, Panda or Lama, our speakers will make more than one laugh.

Technology and style harmonize perfectly in this small product, which has sold more than 500,000 pieces since its launch. 


A perfect combination of alarm clock and night light, the Billy alarm clock is the ideal companion for decorating and illuminating a child's bedroom. The front is made of soft fabric and the frame is made of “soft-touch” silicone for a soft design.

The Billy alarm clock has now been one of our bestsellers for almost a year. He continues to watch over the little ones for a few more years. 

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Here is a new decor idea that Mob wanted to develop during covid. 

The Wild Light is the first magnetic and flexible night light with a magnet on the back, it can be positioned wherever you want it.

Using the remote control, you can choose the intensity of the light, its colors (7 colors available) and its modes (15-30-60 minutes, scrolling colors, etc.). You will be able to create the atmosphere of your choice!

Design and clever, this new night light will take place in the homes of young and old. 


The theme of batteries is very important to us. We offer connected products and we wanted to offer a different and still fun battery. After 8 months of sampling and testing, we finally found the right balance by creating Power Pets.  Thanks to its elongated shape and its 4 suction cups as legs, it clings to the smartphone and never lets go. 

With a power of 4800 mAh, a soft and premium touch, a removable head, a small compact size, this power bank is ideal to take anywhere.

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Here is a unique connected alarm clock in the world. Equipped with an application, you can adjust the time, date, display brightness and night light power. On top of all that, it has a motion sensor that triggers the alarm clock display and night light when it gets dark.

Clap your hands or walk past will trigger the time display. Thanks to an intelligent battery, recharge your alarm clock and enjoy a month of autonomy and mobility. You can magnetize it anywhere thanks to its rear magnet and those provided in the box. Chronic sleepers will love the Snooze function: grab and shake your Cutie clock to delay the alarm by 5 minutes.


Our iconic Cutie Clock alarm clock comes in a “Cloudy” version, smaller so you can easily place it on your desk, bedside table and on any metal surface thanks to its magnet!

Original and equipped with a motion detector (can be deactivated), the alarm clock is triggered automatically when you need it, by means of a snap of your fingers or a vibration. Its finish and graphic design offer a different and elegant product that discreetly adorns your interior.

Snooze function for sleepers: to postpone the alarm for 5 minutes, shake your Cloudy. Always equipped with an intelligent battery, it allows a battery life of one month without needing to recharge it!

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